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Dialogue between Akiko and Violaine

Dialogue between Akiko and Violaine about being part of the World Youth day committee:

Violaine: Hello dear Akiko! I have an idea!

Let us share with the sisters and associates some glimpses of our experience being members of the WYD committee. How do you feel being part of the World Youth day committee? What does it bring to you?

Akiko: Hello Violaine! I am very happy to be a member of the World Youth Day committee.

Unfortunately, I won't participate in WYD, but I am thankfull to be able to participate in the meetings. I can be in contact and united with the CND Sisters from other countries. It deepens my feeling of belonging to CND. And the meetings help me to think about my vocation. It is a good chance to think about vocations and to pray for others' vocation. How about you Violaine?

Violaine: For me, it is also a real joy to be part of that committee! I am grateful to be able to live that experience of working together and prepare this activity with sisters from other provinces and regions. It is an intercultural experience in wich I am learning a lot from others, sharing ideas, discerning together.

I won't go to the WYD with the sisters but with a group of youth from the diocese of Montreal. But I decided to stay in the committee to participate in the preparation. Talking about the preparation, Akiko, How many times did we already met with the committee?

Akiko: We met four times,around once every two months. We had the chance to have the help of translators! And when we could not be there, we could share the information on whatsapp. Violaine, do you think we can share with our sisters and associates, what are the next steps for the committee and when will we meet again with the others sisters?

Violaine: yes, of course! We’ll meet again april 1st, and we’ll be more concret about  the “swag” ie the little gifts/objects we will give to the youth when they’ll come visit us at the booth. It is a tradition at WYD to exchange between pilgrims some souvenirs.. We are trying to have something from each province and region of our congregation. But we have to be sure to have enough.. they might be around 10000 pilgrims passing by our booth! After that meeting, we will work the organization of our two activities: Cafe Marguerite and the Vocation booth in the City of joy. Cafe Marguerite will be a place open to the youth were they can come and share with us around a little cafe, games…The Kiosque, we will share our gifts/objects. Talking about the gifts, Akiko, I heard that the sisters in Japan are participating in making paper cranes as gifts to give to the youth. How is it going?

What do you feel about the activity of making paper cranes with the sisters? Do you feel the sisters like to do this(paper cranes)?

Akiko: As you know, all Sisters in Maria Province are praying for a vocation like other regions. Some are active for vocation directly, but some, especially elderly Sisters can’t be active directly. So making paper cranes with praying for vocations is a good opportunity for us.

And it is also a good opportunity for us to live

inter-generation. It helps us to unite. We are enjoying it! We look forward to see the fruit of our activities. If I remember, Violaine, with the committee, there is something else that we are preparing! Do you think we can share to the sisters that we are preparing something for the feast of Visitation?

Violaine: Yes, the feast of the Visitation! I cannot say too much because we want to keep the surprise but as the theme of WYD is:

“Mary arose and went with haste.”Lc 1,39.

We will invite all the sisters and associates to join us for a zoom session to celebrate and reflect together on that theme and on the importance of being close to the youth. Stay tuned!!

Thank you so much Akiko, thank you Violaine!

What a joy to share with you, together! Magnificat!