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A Visit from Joyce Djamen…Opening Doors!

It was indeed a full three days as we welcomed to Toronto Joyce Djamen, our new Vocation Coordinator. The sisters at Presentation Manor opened their doors on the Feast of the Annunciation inviting Joyce to participate in the Eucharist followed by lunch and conversation. Later that afternoon Sisters Maureen Baldwin and Virginia Sullivan opened their door, prepared a delicious dinner and answered the many questions Joyce asked both of them, and especially Maureen who works with Youth.

The following day other doors were opened as Sister Margaret Paterson introduced her to the ministry at Good Shepherd Refuge. The next open door was at 2 O’Connor where Joyce had an interview and exchange of ideas with Julie, the Vocation Coordinator for the Sisters of St. Joseph of Toronto.

Of course, a celebration isn’t complete without passing through the doors of Harvey’s Restaurant for a Hamburger Special with Sisters Margaret Paterson, Eileen Power, Jo Badali, Joan Lewis and also Sister Donna McInnis who was in Toronto at the time. Much laughter and sharing took place.

Early Wednesday morning Sister Joan drove Joyce to Our Lady of Lourdes church where Sister Frances Cresswell has her toy shop. As the door opens, it is overwhelming to walk through aisles and aisles of toys hidden in the basement of the church. Joyce spent the morning sorting toys with the Sisters. All will be given to needy children at Christmas. This whirlwind visit ended on Wednesday afternoon when Joyce returned home. After all these experiences, I have no doubt she was happy to open the door to her own house!

“We go through doors, knowing there is change in the future and we are all part of it”

Thanks to Joyce who gifted us with her visit and to all the sisters here in Toronto who opened their doors to welcome her. Truly Women of Visitation!