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General Conference in Maria Province May 2023

The General Conference will be held from May 6 to 20, in Maria Province. Those travelling to Japan will begin arriving on May 3.

To immerse themselves in the culture of the mission as it is lived in Japan, the General Conference participants will begin by visiting the sites where our sisters are on mission such as the Arrupe Refugee Centre in Tokyo and the mission in Chofu. The group will then be divided according to two tour options – one group will travel south to visit the sites of Christian martyrs and Nagasaki, in particular; the other group will travel north and visit the schools of Fukushima. There will be a time of integration when everyone can share their discoveries and deepen their experience.

The formal meetings will be held from May 16 to 19.

As always, we ask for the support of your prayers during these days of meetings when we carry the gifts and challenges of the Congregation, together, united by the spirituality of Marguerite and our wish to go to the peripheries in the service of the people and of the Church.