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Happy Easter 2024!

It’s true, we have reached the wonderful day of Easter, the most important Christian festival. I always find myself reflecting when I read or hear: “Happy Easter! ” How could we be any other way when we understand what happened on this day? Life, true life, was given to us because of the Risen Christ. Without Him, without His resurrection, we would be dead forever.

That is what Easter is: the exodus, the journey from being enslaved by sin and evil to the freedom of love.

This brings back a memory from my childhood. This goes back a while. An uncle had come to visit us with his kids, all between the ages of 3 and 11. It was just before Easter. My mother said to the little ones: “Easter is coming up. What does that make you think of?” They all cried out in unison: “Chocolate, bunnies, candy, maple syrup.” My mother was a bit surprised, but she had asked the kids the right question. For a child, chocolate is sweet, and maple syrup is divine.

Let’s go further: For a Christian, Easter is sweet, Easter is divine. Easter represents life, sunshine, joy and rebirth. There’s nothing better. Easter is a marvel for everyone: it represents the passage from death to life.

If Lent ended on Good Friday… I don’t even dare to think.

To each and every one of you from the wonderful parish of St-Nazaire, I wish lots of chocolate, because it is divine, a 3rd movement of a beautiful symphony, because it is also divine, and, above all, faith and hope in the One who died for us and who resurrects us with Him every day and forever.