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Let us listen

4th Sunday of Ordinary Time, January 28, 2024

This is, perhaps, an original take on my part. But after having read, reread and listened to my heart, I am simply sharing what I have found.

Undoubtedly, you are all aware that it is sometimes difficult to watch the news and read the newspapers and online articles. All we hear about is war, domestic violence, separations, people all around the world doing bad things, etc. At the bottom of page 158 in the January Prions en Église [Living With Christ]: “OPENING OURSELVES TO THE WORD”, the 3rd point in the list states

“I pay particular attention to the good that is done around me.”

There you go, the Holy Spirit and I, as a holy person once said, have found what I needed to share with you this week. ‌The extract from Deuteronomy, Saint Paul and Saint Mark in this Sunday’s Gospel all speak to us about welcoming the Word of God with an open heart because it shows us where true life is.

But Psalm 94, which is also the Word of God, speaks to the heart of each person who searches for Him. Starting from this psalm and the above suggestion to pay attention to the good around us, let us read and read the chorus of this psalm: “If today you hear His voice, harden not your hearts.”

Let us open our hearts, our ears and our eyes while listening to what is being said, what is being written and what is being lived, and let us give thanks for all the good that is done but not spoken about enough. Let us first think about everything that is experienced in the Church as pastoral, sharing, welcoming, listening, about everything which brings people back to life. Let us think of all the charitable organizations that open their doors to the poor and the homeless. I leave it up to you to reflect on and observe all that is good and give thanks.

Lord, I open my heart to You today, and I listen to Your voice as You speak to me.

The Word of Christ that is announced today is unchanged. Let us listen and let it fill our hearts. Jesus is here to awaken us! Let us welcome the Word with an open heart because it shows us where true life is.