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Memorial Eucharist at Résidence Bon-Secours, Montréal

I would say that good liturgy speaks to the depths of all of us. Such was my experience and that of the sisters at Résidence Bon-Secours, Montréal, as we celebrated eucharist on Tuesday, Nov. 2. We remembered the twenty women who died there since last December. The photos of each one with a candle in front were placed on the steps leading to the altar. The first reading was in French and the second in English. The hymns sung at this mass were in both French and English. The name of each sister was read at the offertory when she was prayed for. The gifts of many were called upon in preparation for this memorial. Special mention is to be given to the aides communautaires who work at the residence. Their generosity and creativity are most appreciated.

Rest in peace, dear sisters.