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Movie recommendation: Barbie

Yes, I went to see Barbie. When Mattel brought out Barbie in 1959, I was already an adult, a teacher, and at times not at all understanding the interest, especially in mothers and grandmothers, in promoting a grown-up doll. It’s clearer to me now. The first Barbie came with a black-and-white striped swimsuit and a ponytail. She soon sported many outfits associated with many career choices. Mattel was ahead of the real world! There was a Barbie doll astronaut (1965) before there was a NASA woman in space (1978).

The movie has hard – to – miss serious themes, subtle insights into patriarchy and feminism, as well as funny, even hilarious moments. It’s a pink paradise of colour and sound, laughter, action, seeking and a message for our time.