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News from Marguerite-Bourgeoys Province

Event in the community of Marie-des-Neiges (Montreal) by S. Monique Courchesne

The Marie-des-Neiges community prepared and celebrated the birthday of S. Danielle Dubois and the 60th anniversary of her religious profession with great joy and affection. The two events were combined in one celebration. The festivities started with the Eucharist.

Here are the words Rachel addressed to Danielle: “Dear Danielle, the cause for celebration is twofold this evening… First, it’s your birthday. No matter the number of years, a birthday should always be celebrated with joy, friendship, sharing, good wishes and blessings, and we offer you all that from the bottom of our hearts. But, furthermore, we are also celebrating a jubilee this evening: it’s been 60 years since your religious profession. How beautiful is a life that extends through time, cosmic or not, like a beautiful watercolour painting. Writer Belk Vigna describes this art as follows: ‘In a watercolour painting, silhouettes and colours blend delicately, covering the paper with a sort of temporal abstraction that allows one to never stray from the dimension of dreams.’ Be happy, Danielle, and follow your dreams. We are with you. May God protect you.”

Sister Jeanne d’Arc Allaire is 100 years old! By Sister Fernande Cantin


The story of active faith over the course of a century…

For the Lord, 1000 years is like a day; 100 years are a mere breath. The thought that often comes up when there is a jubilee is “How time flies!” And, dear Jeanne d’Arc, you have received so many graces since your birth, you have loved so many people since March 19, 1924 There have been so many beautiful visitations in your 75 years of religious life!

Going further back, I asked Marguerite Bourgeoys if she could recognize something in you of the dream she had in the 17th century. The answer was YES! Our Mother Marguerite said that she feels the heart of the Good News beating in you; she recognizes in you the spirit of friendship and love that inspired her.

May our admiration, our friendship, our gratitude leave in you the traces of impregnable joy! In the middle of Lent, let us sing: Hallelujah!

Memories/slices of life

Marcelle Leclerc (Domaine Mahonia)

At the time when comprehensive schools were opening their doors and taking the place of secondary schools, I taught in a secondary school… So, I had to prepare for a change.

I asked to take missiology courses because I had held this desire in my heart for a long time. Would this be the occasion to open a path to Honduras? All of my 1969 was spent preparing myself and living in joy and hope. At the end of my classes, I was invited to meet our Provincial Leader who, I thought, would confirm my hopes.

To my great surprise, they offered me the position of principal at the primary school in Isle-Maligne, considered a “pilot school.” They thought I was the perfect person for the job, but I wasn’t at all prepared for it. I mentioned my insecurity. They asked me what diplomas I had. I s‌aid that, for teaching, I had done the cours supérieur and the Brevet A, and, to ease my tension, I added that I also had my profession of Faith diploma. My application was immediately accepted, as they told me, “That’s the only diploma that you will need.” I couldn’t refuse…

After taking a few courses during the summer to prepare for my next mission, I took the road to Isle-Maligne. Throughout my journey, I contemplated nature, and, while gazing at the mountains, I said to the Lord: “Guide me to the mountain that is too high for me, Lord. ”

I can say that the hand of the Lord supported me, and, with Him, I was able to overcome what seemed to me to be moutains. The management of this school transformed into a great collaboration and great solidarity between teachers and parents. I spent two very beautiful years there that allowed me to understand that nothing is impossible if we believe that the Lord is there.

Memories/slices of life

Loving like Jesus… that means loving to the last breath by Sister Isabelle Paquet and Sister Lucienne Duford (Résidence Bon-Secours)

Who would have thought it possible to still be a missionary at the venerable age of 101?

As you know, on Sunday, I am going to a parish in LaSalle: the Sanctuaire de la Miséricorde. A couple of months ago, a group named Monastère invisible de la Miséricorde was formed. Every day, the members say the Chaplet of Divine Mercy for the intentions of people in the parish and the greater intentions of the Church.

I spoke about this to Sister Lucienne Duford, who will soon turn 101. She asked me to be a part of it, and, every day, she prays the rosary for these people. During a meeting last Sunday, they named her “the dean of the Monastery.” I went to tell her this on March 6; I have never seen such a smile before, it seemed to come straight from heaven. This is indeed the desire of Marguerite Bourgeoys: “to stay on mission until the end of our days. ”

Thank you Sister Lucienne for participating in this need of the Church, especially at your age. Thank you for praying for so many people and loving them without even leaving your room. Your heart will join the field as Pope Francis desires. And you, dear friends, share in your hearts the joy of Sister Lucienne. I will tell her of course.