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News from Visitation Province

2023 Howe Island Virtual Gathering

On Friday, Sep. 8th and Saturday, Sep. 9th, 45 sisters and associates from across Canada gathered at the River. Together, in prayer, conversation, song and dance we affirmed: Water is Sacred – Water is Life – Water is a Human Right, as we explored our relationship with water and learned more about the world water crisis.

Like water that flows gently in tiny streams, and softly as tears of pain and joy, we deepened our awareness of water as a spiritual sign and as a foundational element.

In the waves that crash upon the shore, we recognized the power and love of God both in water’s creative and destructive force.

In the slow dripping of water that over time carves out even the hardest of rock, we heard the promise that even the smallest gestures to protect water make a difference.

We were encouraged to live in this moment, expressing our love and concern for water in ways that fit our circumstances just as water is shaped by the vessel, which contains it.

Water as liquid, as solid and as gas, reminded us that we are called to be transformed, and that by its ebb and flow, water calls us to be open to change.

Thank you to Bill, our Zoom Host, to all participants, and to Visitation Province Leadership Team, Regional Co-coordinators and local leaders for their continued support for this annual event.

Ann Gotfryd, Associate, for the 2023 Howe Island Planning Committee

Woodstock Group – Water is Sacred!

Thanks to Marjorie, eight of us gathered at Skiff Lake to take part in the virtual Howe Island retreat on the weekend. The retreat was very well prepared and presented and we were

all enthusiastic, inspired and involved. Wise women and water!

Eleanor McCloskey, CND

Laudato Sí II Release on October 4, 2023

“We need to see the natural world as a magnificent book of wisdom, and we must read it and learn from it.”

“We all have a responsibility to protect the environment and to safeguard the future of humanity.”

“We must help each other to cultivate healthier lifestyles, less consumption and more responsible choices.”

These are the top 3 quotes from Laudato Sí . . . stay tuned. Laudato Sí II will be released on October 4, 2023.

What new words will Pope Francis reveal to us? I am excited!

Teresa McKerral, Associate, JPIC Core Committee member

Global Climate Strike this week!

The Global Climate Strike got its start in August 2018 when 15-year-old Greta Thunberg and other young activists sat in front of the Swedish parliament every school day for three weeks to protest the lack of action on the climate crisis.

This grew into a worldwide movement to demand action on climate issues. As we work to respond to the cry of the earth and the cry of the poor standing in solidarity

with the global climate movement allows us to stand with others working for justice for the most marginalized and for the earth.

How we can participate in the Global climate strike on Friday, September 15th:

Pray for and with those who are marching and for our leaders to hear those voices.

Join a march! See the map here: Global March To End Fossil Fuels | Do Gooder for a climate march near you!

See poster below for the list of marches throughout Canada. The map link above has the most up to date list of cities with marches on Friday.

Ruva Gwekwerere, JPIC Coordinator