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News from Visitation Province (Canada)

Feast of St. Marguerite Bourgeoys January 12, 2021

The Halifax Sisters and Associates came together in our own homes to celebrate St. Marguerite’s Feast this year. It was different in that previous years we celebrated with parishioners from St. Marguerite Bourgeoys Parish.  In spite of our reality, we were grateful that many of us in Halifax were able to come together on Zoom thanks to Sister Connie.

Sister Maureen lead us in Prayer: Marguerite, Women of Joy, of Wisdom and Peace with the message of how we individually identify with Marguerite’s own words “…we are charcoal ready to be kindled….” 

We were happy to welcome Maggie to our local group. Maggie, like many Maritimers, returned to Nova Scotia after living in Central Canada for many years. Our gathering ended with “at home” refreshments and munchies all in the spirit of Visitation!

Alexa Smith, Halifax Associate

Going! Going! Gone!

Yes, the vaccine landed where it was supposed to go! It penetrated our arms on January 18. All the staff and residents at Andrews in Charlottetown were vaccinated. The booster shot will be on February 8. 

We consider ourselves fortunate. Many of our sisters, family members, and friends are still waiting, as are others. We continue to pray for all who are affected in any way by Covid-19. 

Réjeanne Bourque, CND 

Called to Action!

Several years ago, we met Malala Yusafzai, a young student in Pakistan; we saw her passion in promoting education for women and girls. Later, just a few years ago, we watched Greta Thunberg, a teenaged Swedish activist as she told the world the necessity of serious and immediate action on climate change. Closer to home, here in Canada, a CBC radio interview last month introduced Amelia Penney-Crocker, a Grade Ten student in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  

Amelia is a self-styled environmental activist. In December of 2019, she made a resolution for the year ahead.  She would write a letter every week to our Prime Minister to share with him the concerns of young people; she had tough questions.  She wrote 54 letters, completing her goal (for now) in December of 2020.  She addressed climate change and its effects and the urgency of action, and she pointed out many, many other concerns.  Her letters, timely and insightful, are all posted at ( It is her hope to inspire others to speak up and speak out.  

Eleanor McCloskey, for JPIC