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News from Visitation Province (Canada)

Riverview Associate Fundraising for ALS

Al Kavanaugh, Associate from Riverview, NB, raised $10,000 this year for ALS, making his all time total $193,000. He has been doing this for 19 years now to honour his friend, Ken. Everyone walked separately this year because of Covid- 19.

Tribute to Our Foundress

This excerpt was found in the Holy Angels Centennial book 1885-1985. Dianne MacAskill contributed this information.

Sr Anne Timmons, a Sister of Charity of Halifax, celebrated her Diamond Jubilee as a religious in 1985. In June 1921, she wrote, “I graduated from Holy Angels with Grade XI, which was the highest grade in those years. I had been a pupil of the “Nuns”, as we said in those days, for practically all my school life.

During April 1920, we had a beautiful celebration at Holy Angels to honor the 300th anniversary of the birth of Marguerite Bourgeoys.

I happily recall the words of the opening number of our chorus. I am now retired after a long period of forty-two years teaching, but still do voluntary work in the school here in the area of speech improvement and Public Speaking. My ability in this work was developed and nurtured by the excellent training which I received with the “Nuns.”

Sr. Anne Timmons,St. Agnes Convent New Waterford, N.S.

Tribute to Our Foundress

In far away France one Good Friday

Came the pearl whom we lovingly greet

We know that her mother was happy

In naming her Marguerite

What a pearl beyond price was this maiden

In her homelife beyond the sea

But fairer and purer and stronger

Did she shine in our Ville Marie.

The pupils who gathered around her

In the light of the stable’s grace

Drank deep of the goodness and beauty

E’er shining from that dear face.

So today it is meet that we humbly

All turn to the past again

The prize what we glean in our school life

And to thank her for teaching then.

Tree Planting to Recognize CNDs and CWL at St Gertrude’s, Woodstock, NB

Submitted by Associate, Marjorie Allison-Ross

Thank you for taking the time to come and commemorate this special occasion with St Gertrude’s Church and St John the Baptist Parish.

We want to thank the Parish Finance Council for initiating this idea to celebrate two very historic occasions that are happening in the year 2020.

This year marks the 100th Anniversary of the initiation of the Catholic Women’s League in Canada. The St Gertrude’s CWL Council began in 1935, 85 years ago. Sharon Tenhave is our current St Gertrude’s CWL President.

Also in 2020, we are recognizing the 400th Anniversary of the birth of St Marguerite Bourgeoys. She was born in Troyes, France and arrived in Ville Marie, now known as Montreal, in 1653 to help found this new struggling colony and to be it’s first teacher. While doing this she also founded the uncloistered congregation of Sisters known as the Congregation de Notre-Dame. In 1982, Pope John Paul II, declared her a saint, the first Canadian woman to become a saint. In 1981, the Congregation began the Associate Relationship for lay women and men who are inspired by the spirituality and mission of St Marguerite Bourgeoys. In September 1983, 2 of her Sisters moved to St Gertrude’s to live and work along us, Sisters Anne Gillis and Therese Arsenault. Sisters remained here until 2010 when Sr Esther Clarkin moved to Charlottetown. Next year will mark the 40th Anniversary of the CND Associate Relationship.

As we know, the Convent was demolished in the summer of 2019 and now we have this beautiful green space. It is very fitting that the Finance Council would suggest that 2 trees be planted in this green space as both organizations are very concerned about the environment and climate change. They are both encouraging their members to become more aware of what we can do to help the environment and to share information with others.

On behalf of both the St Gertrude’s CWL and the Congregation of Notre-Dame associates and sisters, we want to thank:

• the Finance Council for this idea to celebrate 2 great organizations of women!

• Ron for arranging for the purchase of the trees and seeing that they got planted.

• Sr. Eleanor McCloskey, a CND living in Fredericton. She’s a very good friend to the Woodstock Associates and a lot of fun to be around. For several years, she’s been facilitating a retreat for the Associates in the fall of the year. If you are interested in learning more about it, please speak to any of the Associates. Thank you Eleanor for attending and being a part of this celebration.

• Fr. John Jennings for being with us today at St Gertrude’s and joining us for the Prayer of Blessing for these 2 beautiful trees.

“In the Garden With Marguerite” Zoom Retreat

Submitted by Marjorie Allison-Ross

The “In the Garden with Marguerite” Retreat facilitated by Truro Associate Anna Rowley concluded on Tuesday, June 30th with the 4th Movement. The other 3 Movements were held on May 19, June 2 and 16. Because of COVID-19, groups have not been able to meet in person this Spring so Anna Rowley and the Truro group initiated the Zoom Retreat and invited Visitation East Sisters and Associates to join them. After the first session there was interest from Central and West Associates and Sisters to attend. In addition to the great resources that came with this Retreat, Anna also found music and videos to incorporate into the Retreat. Approximately 20 people joined by Zoom or telephone for each Movement/session. There were opportunities for chat rooms and some small group discussion on the questions that are in the various movements. Thank you Anna Rowley for your leadership and patience in facilitating this Zoom Retreat and Sr. Eleanor McCloskey for your collaboration with Anna. You are both so appreciated. It was a wonderful way to experience this special Retreat during the 400th Anniversary year of the birth of St Marguerite. Many people expressed that they were so pleased to meet Associates from across Visitation Province. With gratitude to both Anna and Eleanor for all that you do for Associate Relationship and to everyone who participated. It wouldn’t have been the same if you weren’t on the Zoom each day!!