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Official visit to the Notre-Dame-des-Apôtres Region_19 YAOUNDÉ

Photo: Visit to the Maison de Vieillesse (Home for the Elderly) in Nsimbock

This morning, we went to the Centre National des Supérieurs Majeurs of Cameroon, the equivalent of the Canadian CRC, to meet the team of the Faith and Justice Network, including the treasurer, Sister Angèle NgoNgok. We learned the difference between Development and Peace and the Faith and Justice Network.

Development and Peace is an organization founded by Cameroonian bishops working with Caritas to meet the needs of people, while Faith and Justice is works closely with the religious conference in Cameroon dealing socials issues. Faith and Justice works in six hubs across the five ecclesiastical provinces of the country: Douala, Bamenda, Yaoundé, Bertoua and Garoua. The province of Garoua is divided in two (Garoua and Maroua) because of how large it is and because of the serious issue of internal displaced and migrants. The organization’s partnership with lay people helps when religious change mission, as they help to maintain important data collection that documents and reveals different lines of action in the field. Areas of focus include protecting minors from drugs, protecting the land with the fight against land grabbing, protecting the environment, etc. This works involves a number of challenges, notably connected to a lack of material resources.

After this enriching meeting, we took some time to share with the Yaoundé Community in a true moment of Visitation and connection.