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Sale of Mont Notre-Dame College and a look to the future

In December 2022, having received the necessary approvals from Rome, the General Council authorized the sale of Mont Notre-Dame College of Sherbrooke. On December 22, 2022, the sale was finalized with the non-profit organization that manages the College.

On June 5, the members of the Congregation Leadership Team were in Sherbrooke for a ceremony at which the restored statue of the Virgin Mary was returned to its place above the front door of the College. It was an emotional moment to be able to admire and celebrate the return of the statue whose restoration the Congregation partly financed, in collaboration with DL Héritage, without whom this work would not have been possible and whom we would like to thank.

It was also an occasion to recall with gratitude the educational work of the Congregation at Mont Notre-Dame, whose history began in this place over 175 years ago. During her speech, Sister Ona Bessette, Congregation Leader, emphasized the living heritage and values of the Visitation, which are still at the heart of the College’s educational mission.

Like Mary in the Gospel of St. Luke, the sisters of the Congregation, and now the dedicated women and men of this school, continue to be attentive to the lives of the students of Mont Notre-Dame. You are people of the Visitation! You walk with, listen to, and foster the dreams of the young women here in Sherbrooke. I am extremely grateful for the dedication of all the members of this school community who continue this heritage of liberating education now and into the future.

Sister Ona ended her speech with wishes in the form of a prayer: “May our Loving God bless this school community with insight, courage, strength and a dedication to building a more peaceful and sustainable world.” We unite our prayers with hers, in solidarity with our predecessors but looking straight ahead, inspired by these young people and the adults who support them.

May Mary and Marguerite accompany them.