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Sisters at Providence Motherhouse in Kingston celebrate their 65th jubilee

On August 20th at the Providence Motherhouse in Kingston, six sisters who pronounced first vows 65 years ago celebrated this milestone. Sisters Patricia Arsenault, Maureen Lamarche, Frances Cresswell, Rosemary Shannon, Joan Lewis and Margaret Walsh were joined by Sr. Anna Doyle, RHSJ, a classmate of Rosemary and Maureen who was also celebrating 65 years professed. After the Eucharistic celebration we gathered in the main dining room and enjoyed a delicious meal while sharing hilarious memories. Karen Diver, Associate, who was hosting with Frances at Howe Island also celebrated us with her delicious homemade cookies. In the photo we are holding the take-home beautiful flower bouquets prepared by Joan. Onward to 70 years! Thanks to the other sisters enjoying lunch who also celebrated us.