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The Good Shepherd – 4th Sunday of Easter, year B

For the past four Sundays, we have been surrounded by the endless love of Jesus, who suffered greatly and gave His life for us. Each Sunday, God has specific words He wants to address to His people. This Sunday, April 21, we are called to rediscover a familiar face of God: the Good Shepherd, the one who watches over the flock and guides it.

The Good Shepherd knows each and every one of His sheep. When I think about it, it’s a true mystery. This is, indeed, the mystery of faith. We’re not talking about intellectual knowledge here but rather a knowledge that manifests as intimacy, as a communion of thought and heart. This is the profound and vital relationship that links Christ with all His sheep, whether they are in the fold or not.

“No one can take my life from me. I sacrifice it voluntarily.” I want to share some words that are in my heart: Brothers and sisters, Jesus asks us all to imitate His goodness. The relationship between shepherds and sheep, parents and children and leaders and collaborators must not be a balance between domination and submission but a true love that spreads to the flock and fosters communion. I see so many beautiful achievements in the parish, I hear so many people sharing their joy, and I thank the Good Shepherd for watching over this Shrine of Mercy for a long, long time to come. Like Him, like the Good Shepherd, let us give our lives.