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This text is not recounting a miracle but presenting a sign that God loves His children….

(By Sister Denise Marie Bergeron, Résidence Bon-Secours)

In Santa Bárbara, Honduras, it is considered polite to offer coffee to friends and visitors. One morning, while living in an old, abandoned factory with some young students, I told the story of Mother Bourgeoys and “the flour that didn’t run out until the ships arrived.”

After the prayer, the young woman in charge of the kitchen said to me: “Sister Denise, we’re out of coffee.” We often received coffee as a gift, and we had never bought any. Just as I was about to go to my room to get some money to buy coffee, I heard a loud BANG… it was a bag of coffee beans, ready to be ground, falling just behind the screen door. I thought to myself: “Mother Bourgeoys has sent us coffee…”

A young man that I had helped nine years earlier brought me his first coffee harvest. He wanted to thank me. The Centre was in operation for 25 years, and I never had to buy coffee!!!

Faced with that, it’s easy to know what to say. Only one sentence comes to mind: “When we take care of God, He takes care of us.”