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World Day against Trafficking in Persons: Quiz

Question 1

At which sporting events did the CND sisters present demands to limit human trafficking?

a) The Montreal Grand Prix

b) The Olympic Games

c) The Tour de l’ile

Answers (2 correct answers) :

a)    The Montreal Grand Prix: Several sisters of the CND, together with other members of the Anti-Trafficking Movement of Montreal, worked with the staffs of the hotel and restaurant sectors to help them detect situations of trafficking within the context of the Montreal Grand Prix. This small group of sisters succeeded in convincing 37 establishments to become informed about the existence of this phenomenon and how to counter it – a good example of mobilization.

b)    Sister Pierrette Boissé, representative of the CND within the anti-trafficking movement for many years, presented demands to all of the Olympic Games held in recent years. She provided the governments hosting this sporting event with the policies that either needed to be put in place or enacted in order to prevent human trafficking at the Olympic Games. In 2012 she received a positive response from the Mayor of London for this very reason – proof that every action counts!

Question 2

In what part of the world are the CND sisters working to set up a center for persons who are victims of gender-based violence, including that caused by trafficking and human smuggling?

a) Canada

b) El Salvador

c) Cameroon

Answer :

c) Cameroon,

The CND sisters are collaborating with the Diocese of Kumbo in setting up a center for victims of gender-based violence, including victims of trafficking and human smuggling. The center being developed will offer three types of services :

• psychological support,

• a sports center : where victims will have the opportunity to re-learn how to trust others by being part of a positive team environment

• vocational training : where they will be provided with the tools to allow them to become self-sufficient.

Please contact us if you are interested in becoming involved and supporting the development of this great project !

Question 3

How did the CND sisters become  involved in the international movement to limit human trafficking?

a) Through their involvement with UNANIMA, an NGO that works at the United Nations.

b) By writing articles in international journals

c) Through their participation in the Universal Periodic Reviews of different countries where we highlight the shortcomings in their fight against human trafficking.

Answers :

c) The CND is a member of UNANIMA, an NGO that works to protect the rights of women and children, especially those       living in situations of poverty. By virtue of its mission UNANIMA has initiated several projects to eradicate human trafficking.

The CND has participated in particular Universal Periodic Reviews including that of Canada in 2018 with CATHII, of which it is a member. These Universal Periodic Reviews are an exercise undertaken by the UN where they evaluate the manner and to what point human rights are being respected in that country. These evaluations take place every five years.  SOURCE :’Examen%20P%C3%A9riodique%20Universel%20 (EPU, % C3%89tats%20membres%20des%20Nations%20Unies.